Adam McAndrew - Offshore installation manager

“The huge variety of work keeps life interesting.”

“I am the Offshore Installation Manager of the Sean Papa platform and Sean field. Over the years I have rotated round the various teams, so have worked directly with the vast majority of the base crew.

The number of people onboard varies from trip to trip. In the quieter periods we can be as few as 19-20. In contrast, we can host up to 60 during the busier annual shutdowns. That’s not forgetting the two onshore offices who help to make sure the platform operates safely and efficiently.

ONE-Dyas takes a multiskilled approach. For example, I have a background in electrical and operations, but also fulfil emergency response roles including Helideck, fire team and lifeboat coxswain. Next to that, I also hold a crane operators license, not that I get too much time in the seat these days!

The North Sea is playing its part in the energy transition, but many assets are ageing while technology and techniques have really moved on. Continuous improvement is key as we integrate new equipment, systems, and processes into existing plants. That not only keeps us and the environment safe, but also to helps to increase efficiency and reduce emissions as we make headway towards our net zero targets. There’s a huge variety of work that keeps life interesting. And who else can say they commute to the office by helicopter?!”

Adam McAndrew – Offshore installation manager

“Who else can say they commute to the office by helicopter?!”