ONE-Dyas’ Operated and Non-Operated Assets

ONE-Dyas’ main focus has historically been on non-operated oil and gas ventures in the British and Dutch North Sea, which we have been able to grow, diversify and renew with significant success over the last 30 years.

ONE-Dyas is now focusing on strategic and exponential growth through the acquisition of operational development and production assets in the North Sea, both within and outside of our existing portfolio. We are also looking to take advantage of attractive investment opportunities to expand our West African operated asset base. In balancing assets within competitive, low-risk markets and emerging, higher-risk regions, ONE-Dyas is building a diversified multi-asset portfolio spanning diverse geographical regions, with enormous upside and production potential.


Below is an overview of ONE-Dyas B.V.’s assets in the North Sea, Gabon. Distinctions are made between operated and non-operated production and exploration.