Our commitment to ESG:

Transforming responsibility into reality

For ONE-Dyas, ESG isn’t about box ticking or bold claims. We demonstrate our commitment to making a positive difference both in the actions we take and the influence we exert on our partners and projects. Our goal is to establish ourselves as one of the industry’s cleanest and most responsible producers.  

Three essential elements. One elemental approach.  ​

When it comes to the ‘S’ of ESG, the safety and wellbeing of our employees and the wider community are paramount. We target zero incidents, one hundred percent of the time. We strive to create a workplace in which everyone feels valued and free to express their true selves. And we allow people to take the responsibilities and the opportunities that allow them to flourish.

As for the ‘G’, governance and compliance with all applicable laws and regulations are the cornerstones of our company. For us, social responsibility and good corporate governance come as standard in any well-run business. We believe the more transparently we act, the better managed we become.

Within our reality, the E of ESG is always going to be our major focus. We apply the same long-term approach to our environmental commitments as we do to our overall business.

Focused on the concrete actions that will establish us as one of the industry’s most responsible producers, we channel our core capabilities into the improvement of our portfolio’s environmental performance.

Tom Leeftink – Asset Manager & Commercial Advisor

“The North Sea could be a showcase for the global energy transition.”

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Chris de Ruyter van Steveninck – CEO

“We are part of the energy transition.”

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Our three GHG emission pledges


Near-zero operational emissions from all newly-built operated assets.


Near-zero operational emissions across all operated assets.


Near-zero operational emissions across the entire operated & non-operated portfolio

‘Near zero’ emissions​

Rather than compensating for CO2 emissions via different offsetting mechanisms, we prefer to avoid or reduce them in the first place. We call this approach ‘near zero’.

The bulk of our total operational emissions are related to CO2 emissions generated by the use of gas and diesel in the production process. In line with our environmental commitments, we have now implemented a detailed plan to reduce emissions at both an asset and portfolio level. We continue to monitor progress on a regular basis.

These measures have delivered a consistent improvement in energy efficiency, a reduction in methane emissions, and a portfolio-average carbon output below the average for similar assets in the Southern North Sea.

An electrifying prospect​

Electrification of current and future production offers the greatest potential for minimising operational CO2 emissions. We are actively evaluating the feasibility of partial or full electrification opportunities in both our operated and non-operated portfolio, working closely with neighbouring gas fields, the industry regulator, and wind farms.

Our N05-A platform is set to become the North Sea’s first offshore gas treatment platform powered entirely by offshore wind energy.

A platform for decarbonisation

We believe that Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) offers the potential to significantly contribute to climate goals, both by enabling low-carbon hydrogen production and reducing CO2 emissions from sectors where other decarbonisation options are limited or too costly. We are actively contributing to this emerging technology by assessing the suitability of our assets and infrastructure for safe carbon storage.

ONE-Dyas is working closely with industry partners and regulators to enable offshore CCS deployment and hydrogen production at scale.

Margreet Ruijter – Senior Legal Counsel

“It’s about making the process as near-zero as possible.”

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