“I think the North Sea could be a showcase for the global energy transition.”

 “I truly believe we can all play a meaningful part in the energy transition. I’ve always been motivated to do what I can to bring down emissions at previous companies. Here at ONE-Dyas, ESG plays an integral part of my role: setting goals, pushing through initiatives, and communicating what we’re doing so we can all be aware of what we’re achieving together. I’m proud that we’ve set such an ambitious target to reach near zero.

Things that once seemed impossible have now become a reality. Most people now understand the urgency of the energy transition and want to become part of the solution. In the future I see traditional and progressive industries working together as part of an integrated, cross-border network generating renewable-powered, cheap energy. It’s exciting. Above all, it’s realistic.

We need to make sure we bring everyone along with us rather than moving too quickly. We have to make sure we avoid creating divisions between those who are enthusiastic about transformation and those who maybe don’t see the need to change a successful business model.”