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One company. Two stories. 


In December 2018, Oranje-Nassau Energie (ONE) and Dyas announced the merger of their upstream energy operations. ONE-Dyas was born in April 2019. Yet their stories stretch back across time and beyond oil and gas. And from the very beginning, the responsible production of affordable and reliable energy has remained at the heart of both businesses. 


Oranje-Nassau Energie: a tale of transition 

Oranje-Nassau Groep traces its roots all the way back to 1893. The Oranje-Nassau coal mining concession in the Dutch province of Limburg was once was the largest private mining company in The Netherlands.  

In the face of a declining coal industry, Oranje-Nassau Groep gradually transformed into an investment company focusing on the corporate, property, and energy sectors. In 1967, the energy division Oranje-Nassau Energie shifted its attention to oil and gas when it participated in the first round of licensing on the Dutch Continental Shelf. Over time, Oranje-Nassau Energie gradually developed into an active investor, and since 2011 also as operator, in the international upstream sector. 


Dyas: the quest for energy 

Dyas also has its origins in the mining industry through parent company SHV, which was established in 1896 by a prominent group of Dutch coal importers.  

When the Netherlands discovered a large natural gas reserve in the 1960s, the subsequent move away from coal opened new opportunities. Dutch family company SHV founded Dyas in 1964 to take advantage of the changing landscape. In partnership with US firm Amoco and German outfit Gelsenberg, Dyas became a pioneer in Dutch hydrocarbon exploration. 

The consortium soon discovered an exploitable field and, after receiving the governmental green light, drilling successfully got underway. Dyas subsequently continued to explore new opportunities both onshore and offshore.


ONE-Dyas: a meeting of minds 

By the 1990s, Dyas had expanded its offshore and onshore gas drilling activities, establishing a presence in the North Sea off the UK, Denmark and Norway, In 1991, the company developed a close partnership with Oranje-Nassau Energie, both taking equal shares in several offshore assets. It Is safe to say the partnership was a success. After almost thirty years of working together, Oranje-Nassau Energie and Dyas merged to form ONE-Dyas. 


The next chapter: transforming opportunity into value 

ONE-Dyas operations are focused on the North Sea, and we aim to significantly expand our portfolio in the British, Dutch and German North Sea. The GEMS discovery in the Dutch North Sea also highlights the significant potential in under-explored areas in the region. 

Our subsurface, operational, and commercial capabilities place us in a unique position to capture new growth opportunities. In doing so, we aim to create sustainable value for all our stakeholders in both the short and long-term.

The ongoing role of oil and gas 

With renewable sources on their way to meet modern energy demands, oil and gas continue to play an essential role in the energy transition. Our ambition is to establish ourselves as one of the most responsible and cleanest producers, using our core skills and our key values to make a positive difference.   

As pioneers in Dutch offshore oil and gas, we embrace sustainability and technological innovation as we actively support the energy transition. Extracting gas and oil close to home contributes to the economy, to security of supply, and to achieving climate goals. We remain fully committed to near-zero emissions in our newly-built operated assets as we pursue our ambition of producing the cleanest NorthSea gas possible.  

Our M07-A and P11-E platforms demonstrate that we are able to operate assets mostly by using renewable energy. Our landmark GEMS project will also generate near zero emissions, by drilling and producing electrically and connecting production facilities to the German Riffgat wind farm.  


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