Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE)

Putting safety front and centre

Committed to constant improvement

When it comes to safeguarding the health, safety, and wellbeing of people, there’s no room for compromise. Day in, day out, we are committed to doing everything possible to fulfil our responsibilities our employees; our partners; the communities to which we supply the energy that powers homes and businesses; and the environments in which we operate.

Dirk Drijver – HSEQ manager

“The company is definitely typified by a healthy optimism.”

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The Highest Standards, Everywhere

Working at the heart of the energy transition, our role is to supply society with the energy it requires as cleanly, as reliably, and as safely as possible. HSE represents an integral part of doing good business in the right way. As such, it underpins every aspect of everything we do.

More than a corporate statement or easy promise, we are taking measurable action to continually improve our performance in all matters relating to health, safety, the environment, and energy performance. And we actively work with industry partners and relevant authorities to set the benchmark ever higher.

As you might imagine, health covers a huge number of topics from stress levels to the use of protective equipment to chemical exposure. Safety focuses on averting accidents at every level, from a minor cut on the finger to a major incident. We also make every effort to prevent pollution and protect the environment, constantly measuring emissions to understand where and how we can drive further reductions. This includes making the most of the latest technologies: for example, ONE-Dyas became one of  the first companies in our industry to use drones to monitor emissions.

You can read more about our demonstrable commitment to ESG here.

Next level HSE

In practice, we take our approach to health and safety one step further in the form of HSEQ. Quality is the golden thread that runs through our entire operation. We take pride in implementing every check, every balance, and every procedure to the highest possible standard. Every possibility is overseen. No detail is overlooked.

Together, this integrated way of maintaining HSE at the front and centre of our business has one single goal: to keep people safe.

Linda Murray – Environmental Engineer

“Research and collaboration are essential to finding the best way forward.”


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Axel Jansen – Safety & Emergency Response Coordinator

“The most important thing is to communicate.”

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